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Melbourne Concreting Services

At Italcon, we offer a variety of concreting services, each designed to meet your specific needs. From driveways to foundations, we focus on delivering quality, durability, and style.

Our concrete driveways are built to last, offering both functionality and curb appeal to complement your home.

We create concrete patio and entertainment areas that enhance your outdoor living space, combining durability with aesthetic appeal.

Our concrete pool surrounds provide a safe and stylish area, enhancing your poolside experience.

Custom-made concrete benchtops add a unique and durable element to your kitchen, workspace, or retail store.

Concrete pathways by Italcon are designed for longevity, adding practical beauty to your outdoor areas.

We offer versatile concrete slabs suitable for various construction projects, ensuring strength and stability.

Our concrete foundations lay a strong and reliable base for your home and commercial construction, ensuring long-term structural integrity.

Our Concreting Process

At Italcon, our approach to concreting is as solid as the material we work with. Here’s how we ensure each project is a masterpiece:


After your free quote, we start with a detailed discussion to understand your vision and requirements, and suggest the best products based on your concreting needs.. Whether it’s a small residential job or a large commercial project, your needs guide our plan.

Design & Planning

Using the insights from our consultation, we design a concrete solution that fits your space perfectly. We’ll walk you through the design and ensure it meets your expectations.

Preparation & Execution

Our skilled team prepares the site with meticulous care, ensuring everything is set for a smooth operation. We then execute the plan with precision, using the best materials and techniques.

Quality Check & Finishing

We pay close attention to the details, not just in laying the concrete but in the finishing touches that make all the difference. Our quality check ensures every inch of our work meets high standards. We’re not looking for good quality, we’re looking for exceptional.


With the experienced concreters at Italcon, you’re not just getting concrete laid. You’re getting a dedicated and experienced team committed to bringing your vision to life, with quality and professionalism at every step.

Concreting In Melbourne

Your Trusted Melbourne Concreting Company

At Italcon, we are your trusted, professional concreters in Melbourne, a local concrete contractor team with a deep-rooted passion for finding you the most appropriate concrete solutions.

With an eager eye for detail, we specialise in providing affordable and high-quality residential and commercial concreting services. Our commitment is to deliver a perfectly executed final product on every occasion, ensuring that each project reflects our dedication to excellence. 

Our professional team brings a unique blend of skill, experience, and creativity to the table, guaranteeing that every concreting job, big or small, is handled with the utmost professionalism. Partner with us for reliable, top-tier concreting services that truly make a difference.


Explore The Range of Concrete Styles and Finishes 

Take a look at our range of concrete styles and finishes. We’ve got everything from the smooth look of polished concrete to the unique feel of exposed aggregate. See how these different finishes can make your space stand out.

exposed aggregate driveways melbourne

Exposed Aggregate Concrete

Choose exposed aggregate concrete for a stunning, textured finish that brings a natural elegance to your property. Exposed aggregate concrete is one of our most popular requests. It’s the perfect choice for standout driveways and charming outdoor spaces.

Coloured Concrete Melbourne

Coloured Concrete

Bring a splash of colour to your property with our coloured concrete. Coloured concrete is one of the most popular driveway styles in Melbourne. 
Tailor-made to suit your style, it's the ideal way to enhance the charm and appeal of your outdoor areas.

Polished Concrete Melbourne

Polished Concrete

Opt for polished concrete to give your indoor spaces a boost with its sleek, contemporary look. This highly durable and low-maintenance option is ideal for those seeking a sophisticated, high-end finish. It stands the test of time, both in durability and design.

Permeable concrete Melbourne

Permeable Concrete

Invest in permeable concrete for an eco-friendly, efficient solution to water management. Not only is it practical, but it also adds a modern touch to your landscape.

Stencilled Concrete Melbourne

Stencilled Concrete

Transform your outdoor areas with our stencilled concrete, offering an array of patterns to suit any taste. It’s a simple, cost-effective decorative concrete and a unique flair to your property.

Stamped Concrete Patterns in Melbourne

Stamped Concrete

Discover the beauty of stamped concrete - a cost-effective alternative to natural stone. Perfect for adding a luxurious touch to your patios and pathways with its versatile designs.

Our Concreting Projects

Take a look at our gallery to see the craft behind our concreting work. Each photo highlights our expertise and the diverse range of projects we’ve brought to life.

Client Reviews


As an owner builder with engineering background, i am very fussy about “made-to drawings”. I know how important a slab is for a house and how hard it can be when it is not set up 100% as per the drawings. I chose John and Davide when my project needs “perfection”, their team certainly have delivered the quality beyond my expectation. Their accurate interpretation of engineering drawings and architectural drawings made my communication on ensuring the quality so much easy. Every angel and every level of the slab are “spot- on” according to the drawings. John and Davide, I enjoyed working alongside with your team. I am sure your professionalism will continue winning you reputation. I look forward to our next project. Please feel free to have me as your referee when needed.


It is always difficult to find respectful, committed and transparent trades people.


I can can tell you right now Italcon concreting did not disappoint. We had a very difficult project that required enormous coordination and they finished with a no less than a excellent result.


Dave was a pleasure to deal with and no request was too difficult. Not only was I impressed but whole family was impressed.


I would highly recommend them for any project requiring a high quality finish.


Italcon guys are amazing. Totally recommend. They designed and installed our large drive in, drive out drive way, complete with road crossover, retaining walls, garden beds and drainage.


It was a very complex job and they handled it with ease. They were excellent to deal with and went above and beyond to get the job done.


They managed it all. We are so happy with the end product and look forward to working with them again.


Best concreters you can hire.
John and Dave are professional, competent, kind and always listening to my needs and variations I brought along the job.
I will definitely hire them again without even bothering looking for other concreters/quotes. Others might be cheaper but their quality, products and service is equal to none!

Thank you guys for the amazing work, I’ll definitely get you back once I’m ready to build my dream Alfresco.

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News And Resources


It’s not recommended to pour concrete directly on loose dirt. Preparing the ground with a compacted, stable sub-base and a moisture barrier is essential for the longevity and stability of the concrete.

The thickness of a concrete slab depends on its use. For most residential projects like driveways and patios, a thickness of 100mm (4 inches) is standard. However, heavier loads may require thicker slabs.

Yes, curing concrete by keeping it moist helps it reach its maximum strength. Gently watering it for at least a week after pouring is a common practice.

It’s generally advisable to allow concrete to cure for at least 24-48 hours before subjecting it to any weight. For best results, waiting up to 7 days is recommended, as concrete continues to gain strength over this period.

Rain can damage fresh concrete. It can weaken the surface by washing away the cement. Covering fresh concrete to protect it from rain is crucial, especially in the first few hours after pouring.

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