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Concrete is known for its strength and durability, but it isn’t always that aesthetically pleasing. Over the last few years, we have seen in Melbourne, a surge in the popularity of coloured concrete driveways amongst property owners – it offers all the longevity and stability of its plain counterpart with the added benefit of enhancing the look of your home.

Suitable for use in a variety of areas around your home or business— including driveways, floors, paths and walkways, pool surrounds, concrete slabs, walls, and more— there are endless possibilities when working with coloured concrete.

coloured concrete driveways
coloured concrete driveways in Melbourne

Coloured Concrete

At Italcon Concreting, we are fuelled by a genuine passion for our craft, particularly when it comes to coloured concrete driveways. Our team, experienced in Melbourne concreting, has been working with coloured concrete for years, ensuring top-notch results that satisfy all relevant codes.

With our expertise in mixing pigments, we bring vibrant, enduring colour to your driveways. Our commitment is to achieve the best outcomes for our clients, creating driveways that not only meet but exceed your expectations. Your satisfaction is our triumph; with every coloured concrete driveway we complete, we aim to instil joy and a sense of fulfilment.


Our concreters in Melbourne mix powdered pigment oxide into the concrete, which gives it the rich, vibrant hue you desire. Mixing the pigment in prior to laying the concrete ensures the best quality finish. We are committed to using world-class pigments with weather-resistant properties to ensure your new concrete feature will stand the test of time.

Our pigment mixing process ensures that you get a uniform colour all the way through your concrete surface, negating the need for additional coloured coatings (even if the concrete were to become chipped or scratched). 

Coloured Concrete Can Be Used In Many Ways

Embracing coloured concrete’s versatile nature, we are committed to sculpting it into aesthetic, functional masterpieces that stand the test of time.


With coloured concrete, the elegant finesse of polished concrete floors is taken to a new level of customisation. Coloured polished concrete involves the infusion of pigments into the concrete mix, leading to a vibrant, glossy finish that’s highly durable and low maintenance. 

Ideal for both indoor and outdoor spaces, coloured polished concrete can emulate the look of precious stones or offer a sleek, modern appeal. It’s a creative way to infuse your personal style into the timeless charm of polished concrete surfaces

coloured concrete driveways
Coloured concrete patios Melbourne


Coloured concrete brings a dynamic twist to your patio, transforming it into a lively outdoor area. By incorporating integral pigments or surface stains into the concrete mix, it allows for a myriad of vibrant hues, mimicking the aesthetic of natural stones or presenting a bold, contemporary look.

This versatile option enhances the visual appeal of your concrete patio, making it not just a functional space but an extension of your unique style and personality. It’s an artistic yet practical solution for any outdoor space.


Coloured concrete is a fantastic option for enhancing the appeal of your driveway, allowing you to move beyond the conventional grey and infuse your property with a dash of personality. Whether you aim to match your home’s exterior, create a bold contrast, or simply desire a unique look, coloured concrete offers a customizable and durable solution. Furthermore, it can replicate high-end materials like brick or natural stone at a fraction of the cost, making it an economically smart choice for a stunning driveway.

coloured driveways concrete

Benefits of Coloured Concrete

Coloured concrete offers a wide range of benefits for your property, including:

Your Coloured Concrete Questions Answered

We offer an extensive range of colours for coloured concrete (as illustrated). We also offer a range of textures, ensuring that the finished product looks and feels exactly as you envisioned. If you are after a colour that is not pictured, please get in touch, and we will do our best to accommodate.

Yes, as sealing the surface will help to protect it and keep it looking fresh year-round. Sealing can also help to prevent staining, which is particularly important when used on a driveway or other high-traffic areas. Concrete should be resealed every two years to ensure it continues looking its best.

You should avoid touching concrete for the first 24 hours so that it has time to set. You will be able to walk across the surface without leaving imprints after 48 hours, but refrain from using prams, bicycles, and so on. After seven days, the concrete will have set enough for a car to drive or park on it.


Attention To Detail

We take the time to understand our clients’ vision, right down to those finer details, allowing us to bring it to life with precision and care.

Exceptional Customer Service

We pride ourselves on offering a high level of customer service that goes the distance – from the moment you call until well after the concrete is set.

Qualified Contractors

Not only is our team passionate about concreting, we’re highly trained and experienced in bringing our client’s visions to life.



Many property owners opt for coloured concrete because it’s an incredibly versatile and cost-effective way to individualise your home or business from those around it. No matter the look or feel you’re going for, we’ll be able to make it happen with coloured concrete. It’s easy to see why it has been rising in popularity over the years, and we’re excited to see what comes next.

coloured concrete driveways melbourne


Standing out from the crowd is made easy when you have something as stunning and practical as coloured concrete on your side. Whether you dream of a terracotta red driveway or pool surrounds that resemble the sandy beaches of Queensland, we can make it happen. There is nothing more important than your vision to the team at Italcon Concreting, and we’re committed to bringing it to life with premium workmanship and customer service.


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