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Gorgeous Concrete Pathways for Residential and Commercial Properties Alike

Sometimes, we can underestimate the influence a pathway can have on a property. Dismissing the critical role a great pathway can play in creating a home or commercial building risks missing incredible design opportunities. A beautifully constructed pathway can elevate the overall aesthetic qualities of a building, combining functionality with visual appeal to raise the value of a property. That’s why we take pride in offering tailored, immaculate pathway designs for all our clients.
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As concreting Melbourne experts, we work hard to offer our city a broad variety of concrete pathway design options. There isn’t just one style to choose from when creating a pathway for your property – you can utilise a range of different textures, colours, and concrete variants to tailor a pathway entirely to your needs and desires. Here are just some of the commonly used types of concrete pathways:

Liquid Limestone

With a clean finish and minimal maintenance required, liquid limestone is a popular choice for many Melbourne concrete pathways. It’s also slip resistant – making it a smooth and safe outdoor pathway option all at once!

Exposed Aggregate

Offering a gorgeously natural finish, exposed aggregate concrete is a highly durable pathway option. With added grip, exposed aggregate is perfect for outdoor areas – including pathways around pools.

Poured Concrete

Poured concrete is a cost-effective and classic option for outdoor pathways. At Italcon, we’ve been pouring concrete for many years, and our seamless installation will set you up for years of durability.

Coloured Concrete

Concrete pathways can look as unique and individual as you desire. Coloured concrete Melbourne is a great way to take the classics and add your own spin, creating a pathway that lets your voice and style shine through.


There are a great many reasons why concrete pathways are a staple across countless properties. With top-notch flexibility and durability, concrete pathways can be tailored to suit whatever area you need them for. Patios, driveways, commercial entrances – you name it, and we can design a pathway to complement and suit any outdoor surroundings. Here are just some of the many benefits on offer with concrete pathways:

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Your Concrete Pathways Questions Answered

There is no definitive cost for a concrete path. Our quote will be entirely based on the size of your path, the condition of the environment, and the design choices you opt for. Call us today to chat with an expert and get a better idea of pricing.

At Italcon, we take pride in offering unbeatable quality for all our clients. We ensure that we match every Australian standard for concreting and pathway guidelines, as well as deliver quality installation for a long-lasting product.

With proper installation and maintenance, a concrete pathway should last decades. An average estimate would be 25 to 50 years, depending on weather conditions and traffic (both foot and vehicular).

Whether a subbase is needed or not differs on a case-to-case basis. To discuss your project and the requirements it might entail, reach out to our experienced team today.


Italcon Concreting works hard to create a process that suits the individuality of each of our clients. Throughout every step of the design and construction process, you can leave the hard work in our hands without giving up your voice. As we listen to and advise you on your flooring dreams, our top priority will be bringing them to life as best we can.
Local Expert Craftsmanship

Finding top-quality craftsmanship shouldn’t have you travelling far and wide. For several years now, we’ve been bringing unforgettable concreting services to all of Melbourne, east to west, and we’re proud to say that our successful results can speak for themselves.

The Italcon Touch
The heart of Italcon is to bring a remarkable style to every project we work on. When our founders emigrated to Australia, they brought with them many years of international experience and a passion for design deeply rooted in Italian influence. Working with Italcon will ensure that your flooring with have a flair and beauty to it that you won’t find anywhere else.


When it comes to concrete, the Italcon team well and truly knows what we’re doing. Working with us guarantees that you have an experienced crew of passionate experts on your side, and from design to installation we will work to guarantee your satisfaction. This industry is more than a job to us – at Italcon Concreting, there is nothing that makes us happier than providing a pathway our clients will be falling in love with again and again for many years to come. From high-end polished concrete to exposed aggregate concrete – we do it all. 



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