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As homeowners seek to enjoy their outdoor spaces, the demand for visually striking and unique design solutions is on the rise.

Stencilled concrete patterns, a popular choice for concreting in Melbourne, offer an incredible way to add character and refinement to patios, driveways, and walkways. These patterns, imitating the look of everything from intricate brickwork to elegant stone, bring an artistic flair to concrete surfaces.

The versatility of stencilled concrete in Melbourne enables the design of truly custom patterns, offering homeowners a chance to customise their properties with a unique and individual touch



Stencilled Concrete Patterns Melbourne
Stencilled concrete Melbourne

The Craftsmanship Behind Stencilled Concrete

Creating stencilled concrete is a blend of art and engineering. The process begins by laying down a base layer of fresh concrete. While the concrete is still wet, stencils—often made from paper, plastic, or metal—are carefully placed on the surface to outline the chosen patterns or designs.

Once the stencils are securely positioned, a coloured hardener is applied over the top. This serves to add both hue and durability to the finished product. After allowing some time for the concrete to partially set, the stencils are delicately removed, revealing a beautiful, customised design that’s as durable as it is visually engaging. Unlike stamped concrete, which relies on texture to create its aesthetic, stencilled concrete combines the texture of the base layer with the added hue of coloured concrete for a multi-dimensional effect


Stencilled concrete is a fantastic option for any home and offers many advantages, including:

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Commercial Properties can Also Benefit

Stencilled concrete can also be used around commercial properties, giving business owners and landlords who are bottom-line-conscious the ability to appear more upscale without breaking the bank. Why not create an entryway or a showroom that gives that real wow factor when customers walk through the door?
Stencilling can also be a great way to add some customisation to your commercial property. Add your logo onto the floor, wall or anywhere you have concrete. If you’re interested in a custom stencil design, please contact our Melbourne concreters for more information.



Stencilled Concrete Patterns in Melbourne

Your Stencilled Concrete Questions Answered

If you already have stencilled concrete on your property and want to add to it, we understand the desire to colour-match. We will do our best to match as closely as possible, but please note some variation may occur.

As the concrete surface can be relatively smooth, yes, it can become slippery when wet or icy. However, we frequently add a texture to the surface once the colour has been applied to provide extra grip.

All concrete is, unfortunately, subject to cracking eventually. Please be reassured that we do everything we can to prevent this, including preparing the subgrade properly and cutting control joints in.

No, the processes for stencilling and painting are very different. Whilst stencilled concrete does leave you with a coloured surface, there isn’t a risk for streaking and other issues that can occur with painting.

This will depend on a number of factors, including where it has been laid and how well it’s cared for. As a whole, however, we expect it to last a minimum of 5 years but has been known to last for decades.


The Italcon Touch

After our founders emigrated to Australia, they sought to use their many years of concreting experience and Italian heritage to bring a stunning international flair to their Aussie clients.


We’re with you every step of the way, but the final decisions are yours. We view our projects as a collaboration between client and contractor.  It’s our job to listen, advise and bring your dream to life.

Qualified Contractors

Our team possess ample training and experience to ensure that they deliver incredible results Melbourne wide. We’ve been doing this for years and the results speak for themselves.


Your stencilled concrete surface will require some special care and maintenance to keep it looking as good as new:

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